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I kinda stepped away from the platform style deathrun maps with this. My first ever cs/hl engine map.

I am also interested in a decent Mapname wich fits my theme if you find one write me a pm. Cant think of a good one at the moment.

Final Final deahtrunbloodfinal Fixed last trap Made some delays shorter fixed everything what was wrong ( to be specific =D )

v Final changed mapbname to deathrun_blood Minor Fixes Added 3d skybox

V b3 Map Optimized

V b2 Made Trap Delays and Starting Delays shorter Added Details Housetrap now looks like a House Added an other usercontrolled Trap Added non user controlled Traps

Changes should increase Difficulty by a bit.

To Change for an fixed final release: Done

Deathrun_Blood final

BLood final 1Blood final 2