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BloodfireAH – Diablo 3 Auction House Bot

BloodfireAH – Diablo 3 Auction House Bot

Edit [23. Oct. 2013]:
Please note the Sourcecode for this bot has also been released see:


An Diablo 3 Auction House Bot created with autoit. It uses Imagesearch to query auctions , you will need to have Diablo 3 in window mode 800×600. You can also run it in an virtual machine.

If you want to create new items to search for just open the /items/ directory and change the values in the ini file or create an new ini file , All files must be numbered Item1 , Item2 , Item3 etc so it can read from them. You can create up to 100 items to search for.

[download id=”18″ format=”2″]



Customisable Search Queries / Items


Automaticly Restarts itself if it crashed.

Randomly Loops between item searches.

If theres too many items found its possible to disable the search for that specific item.

Autorelogs if you specify a password in the settings.ini file  (You dont have to though)

Item Example:

Live Logging Example:


VirusTotal Scan: