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Humble Bundle -> Back to the Future EP-1-5


Just finished playing Back to the Future: EP-1-5  which i got from

The Game was a pleasant surprise , i played The Walking Dead series before i started playing Back to the Future

Although the choices you make dont really matter like in the walking dead, it was a fun with Eini Doc and the MC Flys


I just encountered some problems when i got stuck at Episode 5 OutaTime in the House of Glass , i glitched through the floor and got locked in a Room with no Exit.

Readup on the official forums and downloaded a savegamefile after the glitch from there on it managed fine till the end.

If you encounter this glitch , i uploaded the savegame from the telltale forums , just put it in your

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Telltale Games\Episode 5

directory and fire it up ingame.

[download id=”19″ format=”2″]