Chrono Trigger – Impressions SNES

Some screenshots from playing Chrono Trigger 🙂

Probably the best SNES RPG

Chrono Trigger Snes Rom Download

chrono trigger maguschrono trigger magus

Hey Whos that?

Ohhh I’ts Magus

chrono trigger maguschrono trigger dactyl

Lets fight him

Fly away with the Dactyl


chrono trigger azalchrono trigger azal 2

Azala brought a pet

Fighting Azala + Black Tyrano


chrono trigger blackbirdMammon Machine

The Blackbird

The Mammon Machine

Chrono Trigger Schala

Schala and hist Amulet

Chrono Trigger ChargingChrono Trigger Gone


Moved to Island

Chrono Trigger Ice BlockChrono Trigger Boss

An Ice Block

Ohhh Whats that ?

Chrono Trigger Floating IslandChrono Trigger Lava

Floating Island


Chrono Trigger LavosChrono Trigger


Looks like a Viking Helmet :I

Chrono Trigger Flying Chrono Trigger View

Flying through Tim

Nice View

Chrono Trigger Uhh Chrono Trigger Macabre


Fighting Macabres

Chrono Trigger SunChrono Trigger Lavos 2

The Sun


Chrono Trigger Kiss


Uh Oh

Chrono Trigger Sleep Well

Sleep Well


Chrono_Trigger Wikipedia

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