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Deathrun_Imperial Tomb

Imperial Tomb 1Imperial Tomb 2


Deathrun_ImperialTomb b1 by Bloodhunter Swinging Blades Trap by Critical

Beta Version Todo: Create 3d Skybox Floating Lava ( Shini ) Add lot more details in the T Area Different Ending (?) Better Buttons

Map is a bit dark so turn up your brightness if it disturbs you.

2 thoughts on “deathrun_imperialtomb_b1

  1. Angel


    I know this may not be the place to post this comment but I had a question about your Warehouse 23 Left 4 Dead Map. Is it possible to finish the map one you reach the safe-room and close the door? Every time I close the door nothing happens, as if another survivor is still outside. Or does the map have no end? I hope it does as I wanted to add it on my server.

    The map itself is pretty good and I like the poster layout. It was a good idea 🙂


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