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Final Version
Remade Fan, but it still looks ugly rotating ( i suck at fans )
Added Blocking Damage to the Fire Trap Doors
Added Details
Spinning Spikes Trap now runs several times, making it harder for people incoming late to get through
It automaticly stops 3 times after the 3 times it keeps spinning ( you can pass it while spinning )
Made Steamtrap Basement bigger.
Made Fantrap bigger.
Button of Car Trap doesnt make any sound now when pressed to be harder to be noticed by the Counter Terrorists.
Changed Electric Fence Press Delay by 20ms
Barrels on 2nd Floor should now spawn faster.
Fixed the earthquake still shaking after a new round. Earthquake shakes more now, but shorter.
Added 1 not user controlled Trap, and 2 breakfloor traps wich put you down 1 level and you have to pass the Spinning spikes Trap again , wich is harder by increased Time.

Improved last Trap
Replaced 2nd last Trap
Added Detail
Gue and Retarded Speed Upgrade
Killing Afk People after 40 seconds
Added Credits

Only CTs die by Earthquake
1 not usercontrolled trap ( thanks to DrivenbyFear for the idea )
Minor Fixes
Darker/Different Lights in Basement
Speedmod for Terrorist
Last Trap Replaced

Added Timer Earthquake to limit Time
Increased size of Gue and Disabled Trap
Put Cars into Garage so it doesnt look weird ( thx to shiniNYJ for the idea)
Car explosion trap has now 3 buttons so you can chose wich one to use ( thx to shiniNYJ for the idea)
Fixed some Glitches wich could let you bypass traps
Added Anti Portal Camping

Map improved

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