deathrun_poker_final5 | Deathrun Poker

Map published 2009

Destructive Studios


Poker 1Poker 2

Deathrun Poker Alpha

Deathrun Poker Alpha

Resubmitted due too many glitched versions around.

Final 5 Difficulty Changes: Trap 1 Falling Poker Chips fall alot faster now. Trap 4 Glass , longer way the CTs need to bypass Trap 6 (Spikes) Trap Replaced with dollar signs appearing Trap 10 Breakfloor doesnt show any unusual cracks in the floor, and there is no safe spot in the middle anymore Trap 11 Dumpster Added a new trap Trap 12 Decreased time it takes to Activate Breakfloor Pieces on Top of the Bookshelf are not knifeable anymore. Added Falling Book on Top of Bookshelf TV Sparks damage increased to do 50dmg each tick/sec Last Trap: Instant disable now.

Added different endings which are:

New: Scout versus Scout fight on the stools. CT Stool isnt breakable but T is. CT can die by falling down, Ts cant suicide by jumping down.

Old: Same as old , just that theres now a teleporter at the end to get to the opposite side for better aiming. If you dont hit the T’s after 30 seconds you get teleported down onto the pokertable.

Knife: Knife fighting , First CT gets healed when going into the teleporter

Fixed Glitch on the Second Trap which let you jump on top of the cards. Fixed Ledge on Top of Bookshelf at the breakable floor. Brighter Lightning on the Poker Table.

Final 3 Forgot to packrat i am a dumbass Used packrat now. Hopefully this should work out now and be the last version. Sorry for any problems.

Final 2 Changed Name to deathrunpokerfinal Fixed the glitch which lets you knife through the invisible walls wich was introduced last version. You shouldnt be able to glitch the spinning chips anymore. The book should push you down properly now Added Red and Blue indicators at the Break Floor trap to indicate which floorpiece breaks. Chips now fall slightly faster. Thanks to Infini , for reporting most of the glitches.

Final Changed Mapname to deathrun_poker Added Detail Added Credits on TV Screen (Thanks to Shini for the Texture) Added Afk Killer Fixed the glitch that you cant shot the t if he stands behind the invisible walls/ Playerclips Changed Speed of Terrorist after CT reaches End Fixed glitches

v B3 Hotfixed Glitches posted by Laughingman_au

v B2 Improved everything

v A1 Basic Layout

Deathrun Map on a Pokertable RATS version.

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