Tilgin HG1112 Reconnect / Restart Script

Tilgin HG1112

This will be used to get an new IP Adress , or to just simply restart your HG1112 Router.

First you have to download a version of CURL

[download id=”17″ format=”2″]

Curl is a commandline based tool to execute HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, DICT, LDAP, RTMP, Gopher. Requests.

Next you have to create a “.bat” File with this content:

curl “” -d “__ignore=1&__user=admin&__pass=admin&__auth=login” -c “cookies.txt”

curl “” -d “/tools/restart” -b “cookies.txt”


Tilgin HG1112 Router Reconnect

Copy the bat file into the same directory as the CURL.exe

Execute it to Reboot/Restart your Tilgin HG1112.

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